Studio Oh!, Chicago


Erica Entrop's work involves a quilting process by simplifying, deconstructing, and reassembling portraits of familiar faces to recontextualize the idea of the 'selfie.' By using oddly shaped fabric scraps with varying opacities, she layers these pieces through stitching. Quilts having that historical or heirloom quality emphasize the contrast of the two notions.



Alta Mira, Havana


Shared spaces create an environment that is both public and private. We are surrounded by others, yet social training leads us to avoid all interactions and behave as though in isolation. This work draws attention to the individual within the mass by removing all of the elements which drive us to our public solitude.



I, Voyeur

Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica


“I, Voyeur” is based on a series of images that Entrop has captured while riding through public transportation in Los Angeles. As a commuter, she would spend two to three hours a day on the bus or train and even longer waiting for their arrival. As Entrop rode with the same people day after day, she observed those people going to the same places. She never spoke or engaged with them. Entrop explains, “All of us are on our own tracks, playing out individual narratives. I was drawn to certain people in this travel routine that seemed almost like characters in a play, always having some element that was interesting or different about them. I started taking their pictures, secretly capturing moments from their lives.”